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what if...? [writing]

Title: What if...?
Focus: YunHo, HeeChul, KangIn, JaeJoong
Word Count: 490
Rating: G
Notes: This is... a Four Seasons fic. 8D Kind of. (Lots of HoRella bias. xD;)

Another long day, another long car ride home. Four weeks after debut and he's still not adjusted to all their television appearances or performances. Staying up late every night, no matter how much he practices, the butterflies refuse to go away. But the rush of being on stage is worth every ounce of effort he puts into perfecting his performance, the cheer of fans an encouragement to work harder.

Then again, nap time is rare and precious, so he takes whatever opportunities to sleep he can get. Unfortunately, there will be no denying HeeChul attention when he wants it.

"YunHo! Wake up and do your job!"

"What job is that, hyung?" YunHo whines, holding his hands up to protect his head against the slap that he knows is coming down.

HeeChul decides it's not worth the trouble to try and smack around his raised arms. Instead, he points at YoungWoon, who is aiming a water gun at the both of them and smirking confidently before spritzing HeeChul slightly with it.


"Is this safe?" JaeJoong demands with a pout from the front seat. "Who gave the idiot the watergun, anyway?"

"Mind your own business, pretty boy!" YoungWoon shouts back, and aims his weapon at JaeJoong's head instead.

HeeChul takes the opportunity to lunge at him, knocking him against the door.

"Yah! Will you guys calm down before we crash?!" their manager snaps, and shoots an irritated glare back at them.

YunHo is on top of HeeChul, trying to pry his arms off of YoungWoon, who is cowering on the ground and clinging to his weapon for fear that HeeChul should get his hands on it and retaliate. JaeJoong is snickering in the front seat.

It takes a good five minutes to get HeeChul back in his seat, and YunHo has to hold his arms down. Though he's the taller of the two, YunHo's grip is loose, there mainly for show. HeeChul is mostly calmed down and only wants to attack YoungWoon on principle.

The silence lasts another five minutes before JaeJoong's snickers turn to soft taunts. "So much for our brave and fearless leader~"

"Do you want to die?!" YoungWoon shouts, and within moments he has his arm against JaeJoong's neck in a half-hearted attempt at choking him.

"Idiots! Will you guys calm down until we get home, at least?!" Their manager reaches across to try and smack YoungWoon's arm away. HeeChul has taken off his seatbelt and is about to go "help" - he really just wants another excuse to smack YoungWoon across the head - when they hear a loud honk and YunHo's world goes bright, then black.


YunHo wakes up in a cold sweat, shaking his head to clear his thoughts and recollect himself. Finally, after a long silence in which he is seated, staring up at his ceiling, he reaches for his cell phone and dials a familiar number, waiting for the other line to pick up.

"Hoyah... What time is it?"

"HeeChulie hyung... Ah, did I wake you? Mianhae..." But he's smiling.


..............~~ will edit you are so amusing

Then again, nap time is rare and precious
isn't that YOUR opinion? hahaha

that was cute ._.
but somehow it was kind of sad?
am i picking up on the wrong feelings here? o_o

Edited at 2008-06-14 07:22 am (UTC)
my yunho muse says nap time is rare and precious! ;^;

xD yeah it was meant to be sad. 8D actually they get into a car accident in his dream
That's so fucking great, that I have not enough words to express my feelings. The best way to start the day.
^^ i'm glad you liked it
Ah, for a second there I thought they really got into an accident.
But it was just a dream, and Four Seasons isn't really real in this universe?
Or am I confusing myself? Haha.

In any case, I really like this. Great job~~

Is it a one-shot? :O
xD nope, it's just a dream.
You gave me a shock there for a short moment but then in the end I'm all happy now *smile*
This is cute and Kangin and Heechul being totally their bickering selves is hilarious!
^^ glad you liked it
awww ♥ I love bitchy KangChul. and rella's boys trying to placate him xD
8D i have these images of what four seasons would have been like, if they had debuted. this isn't exactly how i really picture it, but yeah. i can totally imagine rella's boys having to tear him off of people every now and then.
=D four seasons fic = WIN.

I just recently watched a clip on YT of Heechul talking about 4sesons (snickers) yet again, and I can't stop picturing the possibilities in my head...

HoRella would have pwned and Jae x Kangin is so slashy in it's own way *sighs*
xD four seasons would have been amazing. i love how fondly rella speaks of it
xD maybe after i get through the saddest french fry
whew, i thought the accident happened.. good thing it was all a dream..:)
but, HORELLA!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
\o/ yeah i don't like car accidents
yes, bad memories..