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Zhou Mi Fan Project

banner by dear_whimsy


Are you an international Zhou Mi fan who wants to show him how much you care about his success and dreams? Now's your chance! Read on for more details.

What is this?
An international fan project for Super Junior M's Zhou Mi. dear_whimsy and I are putting together a scrapbook that will be delivered to him via a SJ member in Korea. We need your help, though, to fill it with all our support and love for him. ^^

Ooh, how do I participate?
Just send in any of the following that you can and it will be included in our scrapbook.

1) a letter (long, short - it doesn't matter so long as the feeling is there - offer what encouragement and support you can so he knows we've got his back)
2) a photo of yourself (digital image or instant polaroid, it doesn't matter - we want him to see all our smiling faces; if you've got the SJ-M album, you should take a picture of yourself with that!)
3) decorations (from bee cut outs to creative origami flowers, we'll take whatever and include it on your page; if you haven't got the time or inclination, though, we'll do our best to decorate every page and make it stand out!)

Are there any size limitations?

Yes, since our paper is 8.5 x 11" and we're hole-punching it, we're asking that nothing be over 7.5 x 11". Everything you send in should fit within those dimensions.

For images being sent via e-mail... 600 x 600 px at least. To be honest, that may still be too small. ^^; I'm not entirely sure. But I tried to print out something at a point that was 300 x 400 px and it was really~ too small.

What language can we write in?

English or Chinese. We'll try to find translators from English -> Chinese, but even if we can't, I'm sure he'll still appreciate the sentiment, so don't worry about it too much. :3

Other rules on submissions...?

Nothing lewd or inappropriate. Use your best judgment here - it should really be common sense. No propositioning, no leaving contact information, no profanity and the like.

Is there a theme?

Yes! In fact there is. Because Zhou Mi's fans are called 觅糖 (meaning Honey) our theme is going to revolve around flowers, bees, and honey. All your decorations should be sent in with that in mind. ^^

What's the scrapbook going to look like?

The scrapbook is going to be a three ringed binder. The cover is being designed by dear_whimsy and I will post the picture as it becomes available. We are using yellow scrapbook paper for the pages. We plan on decorating some of the bottom borders with green construction paper cut out like grass, and bees and flowers all over. We also intend to inscribe the Korean and Chinese lyrics to "Love Song" across the pages.

When's the deadline?

August 15th, entries should be in! But we'll hold out a bit if you're a little late. :]

Great! How do I submit?

contact information no longer necessary, therefore deleted

^^ Hope to hear from you soon!


We are working on writing a song for him, or messing with some lyrics to some of SJM's songs for him. :]

shieldkitten has come up with something already. Here! It's pretty cute. ^^


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:] whatever you want!

xD no not yet but we'll put it up soon
This is intriguing, is there any absolute confirmation that the project will be successfully delivered to him though? Going through associates alone seems kind of risky.
basically our plan as of now is to deliver it to some contacts in korea who will be able to get to an sj member who will deliver it to him. ^^; it sounds messy, but i have faith in our boys. however, we're going to try to look for a more direct route. :] we anticipate a lot of time between now and when the project will be completed, though
Aish, I want to do something for this a lot but my parents wont let me mail things(as of right now, I'm hoping they'll change their minds) because last time I mailed something it was 25$ just to send. I was wondering, is there a way to send stuff to him VIA internet?

And even if there isn't, good luck with the project ^^ <3 I'm sure Zhou-mimi will love it. Jiayou~
:] i was wondering about this

well if you want, you can send a letter (scan or just type) and/or a photo (since we're accepting digital photos anyway) and we'll just print it out. ^^
^^ thank you~ but i think we're going to have people e-mail in submissions if they can't send it via e-mail. 8D just a little less confusing for us. it's already kind of wtf because dear_whimsy lives in canada and i live in the states, lol.
i am in love with the project name ♥_____♥
xD it used to be really long...

it was going to be called

bees' collection of sweets for our honey zhou mi


bees' sweet collection for our honey zhou mi

and then we realized *we* might be the honey, not him

so we just went with honey pot
SO. Okay, if eventually the whole songwriting thing fails, just take Love Song (爱你爱你, Ai ni ai ni) and turn it into Love Mi (爱觅爱觅).

And it WORKS because the first line is 'Your smile made me love you the minute I saw you' (well, not really, but it is a difficult line to translate and annacircles is a complete saint for working through that whole album).

Although, you know, it is a song he wrote, so technically we would be giving him something he made for himself. XD So last resort.
xD homg awesome! that's cute

:] now we just need people who can sing in chinese... 8D or maybe we'll just replace the lyrics inside the scrap book...
Are we allowed to make a poem instead of a letter or write a song about him?
:] anything you want!

ooh will you be singing. i know shieldkitten wants to write a song. :] maybe you guys should collaborate
i wanna participate..
buuh like;; D:
i'm not allowed t mail anything --"
which totalli sucks ...
:] e-mail! we are accepting e-mails and we'll just print them out ^^
Oh wow! Sounds like fun! XD I would love to do this. Now to get unlazy...
:> please do try! we tried to make some of the things you can send in really easy (just a letter) to really creative (the decorations)
I LOVE THIS IDEA. *dances*

Now I have to figure out what to do. xDD
:D *waits excitedly*
This is wayyy awesome, and you guys are awesome for hosting this, I'm sitting in a Math lecture about to take a quiz and I'm all excited for the wrong reason lol

So I assume we can write the letter/love message X3 in English? And the singing is pretty neat, 'cept I can't really sing Chinese =[ Whatever, this'll be sooo fun (^.^)b
:] yeah we're going to try to get translators. if we can't get it all translated, i'm sure he'll still appreciate the gesture
for digital pictures, is there any resolution/size minimum standards (for you to print)?

for the letter/message, is it okay for it to be in Chinese or preferably in english?
^^; not really. however big you want the picture to be. i think i've printed out a photo that was 400 x 300 and it was waaay too small. so maybe 600 x 600 at least?

:] chinese is fine! probably better. that wy we don't have to translate.


*stops flailing to think of something to do*


*starts flailing again*
:3 productively flail!
great! I will join to this and my friends.
I have a question, since some of them doesn't have account here (and I suppose that isn't one of the main requeriment.. I hope so) they can send him letters right?
Another question, here we doesn't have an unofficial fanclub or that, but we are on a dance group, and one of our main bands is super junor can we send pictures of ourselves (cosplaying them) and talk about the group? Or just support for him?

^___^ You really made my day with this proyect~! <3~!
:] yeah you don't need an account. it's totally fine.

and if you want to send a group picture, it's cool, but remember this project is primarily for him. ^^
Wow, this sounds awesome 8D I'm totally gonna make something. Finally I have something to do during my summer break XD

...we're asking that nothing be over 7.5 x 11".
I fail, I don't even know what those measurements are called. XDD What is that in centimeters? D:
xD um... no clue! unit conversion search...? basically, though, 8.5 x 11" is a standard sheet of paper (like in notebooks) so just a little trim in?
Oh boy! Supporting Zhou Mi? Will do!
:D yey!
I need to stop spamming you. But y'all should pepper the entire scrapbook with lyrics switched to read 觅.

'It's gonna be 觅'
'至少还有觅' (at least there's still Mi)
'觅是我的奇迹' (Mi is my miracle)

YOU GET THE DRIFT. Chinese grammar generally works so that if you just sub '你' with '觅' it should work.

Also one of the most well known Super Junior forums in Chinese fandom is called 唯爱SJ13 (wei ai, Only Love SJ 13), and they're pretty vocal and all out there. BUT. I think, we can twist it around and say '对周觅,唯有爱' (For Zhoumi, [we] only have love). Because I imagine he hates the word '唯' by now, so it would be nice to reclaim the word for him.
Waaaah! How exciting! I will try my best to do this, because Zhou Mi needs so much more love. :D
^^ hwaiting! for the sake of zhou mi!
ohh! i want to do this so much!!!

i will try my hardest not to be lazy >_<
i have no excuse really there is loads of time!

zhoumi <333
:D exactly. if you need encouragement, feel free to message me
Oh, I want to participate :D
I - I just don't know what I'm going to do yet D:
plenty of time if you start thinking now! ^^
Oh AWESOME yay :D Thanks for doing this!

Will be back later maybe with questions. xD
^^ please ask questions if you've got them
Cool! I wanr ro join too! :)
But I have no idea what to send >_>
I'll think of something...
^^ i'm sure you'll come up with something!
I am SO going to find a way to participate in this no matter what!
Zhou Mi 加油~
^^ good!
be sure to post this on my kyumi thread too on soompi lol. i saw you posted it in zhoumi's thread already.
lol i hadn't thought of that! i'm always nervous to post at pairing threads/comms about projects like this, though... but since i got your permission!
Wait...so can we...draw our own stuff? And maybe leave room at the bottom for grass or something?
You can draw something to put in the book, but we're going to be using a special paper for the actual pages, so whatever you send in will be glued onto those pages. At least, that's the plan for now.
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