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Pirouette [writing]

Title: Pirouette
Focus: HanKyung, KyuHyun
Word Count: 455
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: This was written for my SuJu Pairings Challenge. Prompt provided by quixoxotic. Only 73 pairings left to go!

He wasn't exactly sure how it started, or why he'd even bothered to ask, but watching HanKyung dance those many days in the living room had struck his curiosity. Once HeeChul had given his usual accolades to their resident Chinaman and demanded a kiss before running off, KyuHyun slowly approached HanKyung, a nervous smile spreading over his features.

"That was really good." The words were simple but the sentiment was honest and his voice held an earnestness in it that made the older man smile.


"Hey, Hannie, when's dinner?" DongHae asked, interrupting them to flop down in HeeChul's now vacated part of the couch.

"YoungOon's cooking tonight," HanKyung replied and once DongHae was off in the kitchen bugging their unofficial second-in-command, HanKyung turned back to KyuHyun, who looked like he was about to change his mind about something. "I'm glad you enjoyed the performance."

It was intended as encouragement and seemed to work, as KyuHyun smiled again, reaching up to rub at the back of his neck. "I did. I was wondering, ah, if you could, maybe teach me some of that? There's..."

HanKyung canted his head to the side, amused by the other's obvious nervousness. "There's...?"

KyuHyun flushed and glanced up for only a brief moment into HanKyung's eyes. "There's someone I wanted to impress..."

HanKyung frowned a little, taking a moment to absorb the words, then nodded, lips spreading again into a smile. "Sure. I can try to teach you, anyway."

But pirouettes were harder than they looked when HanKyung gave his little "shows" in the living room. KyuHyun got too embarrassed to continue outside and asked to take the show into one of their bedrooms, where they could escape the sound of SungMin's and HyukJae's laughter.

"Try again?" HanKyung asked, hands on KyuHyun's hips to lift him a little. "You need to learn to stay on your toes a little bit longer. I doubt whoever you're trying to impress would notice that this isn't exactly the correct way, but it'll be impressive."

KyuHyun nodded, gaining a little more confidence. The first attempt he stayed up longer, but the second sent him flying towards HanKyung and landed them both on the bed, gasping at first in surprise, then bursting out into laughter.

When YoungOon called for dinner, both heads turned to the door and KyuHyun rose, thanking HanKyung again before dashing out. Food was more important than even girls. But there was something more important to HanKyung, and now he doubted KyuHyun would ever know who he had been trying to impress all those nights in the open space of their living room.
Tags: hankyung, kyuhyun
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