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Harmony [writing]

Title: Harmony
Focus: KyuHyun, RyeoWook
Word Count: 441
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: This was written for my SuJu Pairings Challenge. Prompt provided by coyotecolored. Only 71 pairings left to go!

I blame the tense on n0w0n. I'd also like to mention I don't know a thing about harmony. ^_^;

Today's lesson is harmony. More specifically, harmonizing. You've obviously studied this before, done it numerous times, but you've been comforted for the past couple of weeks knowing it's easier to hide your mistakes in a group of thirteen than with just one other partner. It seems like forever since you've performed a duet.

"Pair up," the instructor orders.

YehSung is out sick today, so this means RyeoWook is your partner. DongHae asked first, but was dragged away by an affronted looking HyukJae. RyeoWook does high notes. You swallow as he comes to stand beside you, uncertain about how this will go. You won't be able to hide your voice behind his, though his is strong.

After the music sheets are handed out, you swallow and glance at him. His eyes are already on the page, studying the notes. His nose crinkles in that way you've noticed it does when he's concentrating. You look over your own copy, then reach hesitantly over to touch his shoulder. He's shorter than you, but older, and you're a little intimidated by him for many more reasons than you'll ever say.

"So. Ah..." Before you can ask him how he thinks this should be done, he's already offering suggestions. His eyes sparkle with excitement and this helps you relax a little. You nod, listening, and find you actually have words of your own to contribute. It's amazing how easy conversation is once it's started.

But conversation doesn't last long and as you wait for it to be your turn to go up, that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach comes back. You don't even hear it the first time you're called up, but RyeoWook tugs on your shirt sleeve and you follow him, refusing to look forward at the makeshift "audience" of your ten other bandmates.

The music starts and you swallow a couple more times, glancing at RyeoWook. It's a good thing he starts the song, because you think you would have probably missed your cue.

When it comes time for your part, you shut your eyes and hold the mic up to your mouth, trying not to sing too loudly or too softly. But like your earlier conversation, the hardest part is getting past the beginning. Soon your voice is melding with RyeoWook's to form a harmony that, to your ears at least, sounds pretty damn amazing.

There's applause when you're done, but it isn't until RyeoWook turns to you, beaming, that you notice you've been holding your breath.
Tags: kyuhyun
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