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Empty Days [writing]

Title: Empty Days
Focus: YehSung, HanKyung
Word Count: 266
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: This was written for my SuJu Pairings Challenge. Prompt provided by taylormercury. Only 70 pairings left to go!

HanKyung's plane left early in the morning. You weren't even awake enough to give a proper goodbye, though you remember warm hands pressed to your bare shoulder, warm lips at your ear as he murmured something you couldn't quite make out and, in your sleep-induced haze, didn't really care to make out. When you wake up, you realize it was probably him saying goodbye. Jerk. He's too polite sometimes for his own good.

The next two weeks develop into a regular routine. Without HanKyung around, you don't really have much of a social life. Of course you go out with the rest of Super Junior to the big events and "family" dinners, but you're never the first to suggest a lunch date or to instigate a basketball match. You prefer spending your free time by yourself, seated at your desk playing computer games or working out.

But it was somehow different with HanKyung. When you reached to shake hands with him for the first time, somehow the offer to go out for dinner slipped past your lips. And then...well, the rest is history.

Now your days seem empty without him. When you curl up in bed and shut your eyes, you remember how his body felt against yours. His skin has always been amazingly soft, like the silk sheet covers you lay against now. Sighing, you shut your eyes. Just a few more days... Then he'll be home again and you can give him a proper telling off for not waking you up to say goodbye.
Tags: hankyung, yehsung
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