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Breaking Point [writing]

Title: Breaking Point
Focus: KangIn, DongHae
Word Count: 625
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: This was written for my SuJu Pairings Challenge. Prompt provided by 8bitgirlsbravo. Only 66 pairings left to go!

With the harsh training and various activities, the Super Junior apartments were more of a pressure cooker than an actual home. Everyone loved their work and it was almost always fun, but there were days when the stress was just too much. Under the watchful eyes of the leader EeTeuk and his unofficial second in command KangIn, the boys fell one by one to occasional bursts of despair that left them sobbing either quietly or not so quietly in their rooms.

Whenever one of them was caught, either EeTeuk or KangIn would come in to help with the problem. Both knew there was no point in just trying to get the crying to stop, because sometimes it was important that the stress find an outlet, but they tried their best to alleviate the pressure of it all.

The first one to crack had been RyeoWook. EeTeuk had taken that case, entering the younger boy's room stealthily and sitting next to him silently. It hadn't taken long before RyeoWook was clinging to the leadershii's neck, sobbing against his shoulder and trying to explain that he had tried his best and hadn't meant to miss "those dance steps." EeTeuk had patted him on the shoulder and reminded him overall he was doing a good job and a few slip ups weren't going to get anyone mad at him.

KangIn took had a slightly different approach when HanKyung hit his moment of despair. Instead of wrapping him up in hugs, he had taken him instead out to see a movie. A small reprieve, but HanKyung had been glad for the break.

There were a few who never seemed to falter. HeeChul and KiBum, who had a little more experience than the rest, knew by now how to deal with their own stress and they didn't need either EeTeuk or KangIn around to help them. DongHae, also, never gave off any signs of being depressed. He was usually a ball of energy, running around cheering others up rather than being the one who needed cheering up.

That was why it was odd for KangIn to hear the sound of soft sobs coming from DongHae's room on his way to the kitchen. He slowly opened the door just in time to catch DongHae shoving tissues under his bed before the younger boy turned and tried to greet him with a smile. The way that smile faltered and finally shattered almost hurt KangIn's heart. He shut the door quietly behind him and walked over, taking a seat on the bed next to DongHae.

The next thing he knew, he had DongHae in his arms, stroking the other's hair as he listened to DongHae cry. Normally his method was distraction, but today he was glad to offer a shoulder to cry on.

Finally, when DongHae was calm enough to talk again, KangIn asked him what had set him off. DongHae sniffled and, resting his head against KangIn's shoulder, tried to explain.

"It was just...so sad... How could he leave her like that?"

KangIn frowned, confused. "Huh?" was all he could think to ask.

DongHae sniffled again and nuzzled KangIn's shoulder. He gestured to the television, where a romantic drama had been muted. According to DongHae, the leading man had left the leading lady for her best friend and that was what had upset him so much. He had been following the drama for a good three months now and it had all come so unexpected. "I just don't understand? HyunJin's such a nice lady."

KangIn patted DongHae's shoulder reassuringly and was glad the other couldn't see the more than amused smile that now graced his lips.
Tags: donghae, kangin
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