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Giselle - in the throng

hoyah in prsnl_fairytale

Sun Shower [writing]

Title: Sun Shower
Focus: HeeChul
Word Count: 887
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: Inspired by the song Fox Rain, as performed by DBSK and written by the amazing Park YooChun. The pairing was intentionally left ambiguous, but a few know who I had in mind when I wrote this. ;D Told originally as a bedtime story for fruitsz_pixie and togiretamelody.

Some background... The references to ninetails and etc derive from the myths about fox demons/spirits. In Korean/Japanese culture, it's also common belief that when the sun is shining when it rains, it means fox spirits are having a wedding in the sky. :D Which is why (possibly?) Micky's song has both the title Sun Shower and Fox Rain. (Or so coyotecolored has theorized. x3 Love to her and her smartness.)

HeeChul was a ninetails. Like most of that breed, he was very vain and arrogant. Ninetails didn't often marry far below their station. At the same time, there was something very special about that twotail from across the way. The one that had a smile that was almost too hard to resist. Of course HeeChul couldn't have anything to do with him. There would be no point, because HeeChul was around that age where he needed to settle down, and the only people he needed to associate with ought to be potential lifemates.

But wasn't it only common courtesy to visit your new neighbors? And HeeChul was a ninetails, but he was a well-mannered one. Maybe he would bring over some rice cakes the next day...as a way of welcoming the new twotail to the neighborhood. A couple hours out of his day wouldn't jeopardize his chances of finding himself a lifemate. It probably wouldn't take long once he started looking, anyway. He was a ninetails, after all. He would have his pick of suitors.

A week later, HeeChul found the twotail was far too charming for his own good. The worst thing about it was that he didn't seem to be trying. All the compliments he gave, all the smiles and laughter... It was real. That almost scared HeeChul, who had spent his time with other, much more crafty members of their kind.

Two weeks later, HeeChul admitted the inevitable. He had fallen in love. Never mind it was with a twotail who was only renting his home from a fivetails three houses down. Never mind his parents would surely forbid it and try to force him to re-evaluate his choice. But the decision was his to make, and he'd made it. He wanted the twotail and he was going to have him.

Surprisingly enough, however, the majority of HeeChul's family wasn't opposed to the marriage. Only his distant cousin SooYun disapproved, but that was because she wanted him for herself. She was ignored and HeeChul resolved the next day to visit the twotail. He had been waiting for a proposal, but from the looks of it, the twotail was too shy to ask. No matter, HeeChul told himself as he sat grooming the last of his nine tails before he settled in for the night, he wasn't that picky on how the proposal ought to be done.

Three days later, the twotail still had no idea of HeeChul's intentions. This business of being the one to ask was more difficult than HeeChul had anticipated. He confided this to one of his closer friends, a ninetails that was more concerned with having fun than thinking about his own marriage prospects, and called himself KangIn even though his name was YoungOon. He volunteered automatically to propose for HeeChul. Being smarter than that, HeeChul turned the offer down. He did, however, move on to ask another ninetails for advice.

JungSu, who was also known as EeTeuk depending on who was talking to him, offered the same service. While HeeChul trusted EeTeuk a little more, he still wanted to propose on his own. He just didn't know how to go about it. EeTeuk was kind enough to try and offer suggestions. HeeChul took them into consideration and pondered a little more on this as he made his way over to the twotail's house.

When he finally got up the nerve to set his rather vague plan into motion, however, the twotail surprised him by standing up in the middle of their lunch. "Come on. I have somewhere I want to take you."

"What? But...but we're in the middle of lunch." And I was just going to ask...

"This is important," the twotail insisted as he tugged HeeChul out of his seat and led him out onto the balcony of his house. It was dusk and the sky was bathed in smooth shades of blue and purple. Rather beautiful, but HeeChul doubted this was what the twotail meant to show him. It was nothing they hadn't seen before.

HeeChul glanced at his companion, who was checking his watch, moving back and forth on his feet looking more nervous than usual. Now that Heechul thought about it, the twotail had been checking his watch rather frequently all afternoon. "What is it?" he asked.

"Just watch..." The twotail moved closer and HeeChul found himself leaning back to rest against his body. His tails quivered as the twotail's arms moved tight around his waist.

A burst of sound distracted his gaze from the twotail, whose arms were around him. He hissed in a soft breath as the sky before them filled with colors, forming two simple words.

Marry Me

This was a much more perfect proposal than he could have expected. Especially because it was so unexpected.

Three weeks later, down in the land of the rather oblivious humans, there was a heavy shower. What was amazing was that the sun was also out, shining brightly.

"Mommy, why's the sun out if it's raining?" asked a tiny toddler as he and his mother made their way through the puddles.

"It's a wedding party, DongHae. Two foxes must be getting married in the sky."


That was cute and very AU.

Cute how DongHae was the little human kid and Heechul was a fox. Some of the Suju members being Heechul's friends. I never really thought too much on this idea before. 8DDD

...I still think it's -- ew -- CinHo. XD
xD Sure, give away the pairing in my head. xD *pets* You can just pretend it's HeeChul and someone else.

:O And yes. :D Be proud of my AU'ness. -o- I can never write AU.

:} DongHae is a space cadet. I had to involve him in this kind of a story.

^o^ Love to you for commenting~ Muah.
;o; I love the bedtime story!!! -clings- and I love how it ties in with the song that YooChun song! ♥ sucha lovely little story and note! XD
xD YooChun's song is so good. :D I hope SM starts using more of the songs DBSK members write. ^O^ Imagine...we might hear a YunHo song one day. 8D;;

:3 And sankye~ xD Thanks for "listening" to the bedtime story. 8D It helped me to not procrastinate.
Awwwwwwwwwww that was sooooooo cute!

Perfect bedtime story! ;o;

So now I'm going to bed~ \*-*/
xD naito?
Hahaha. I slept well. xD And somehow had Kibum in my dream. 8DDDD
8D yey~
Awwww! :3 So cute..
Heechul: *angst, fret, worry*
Y?: *way ahead of him*

Is this line: "a twotail who was only renting his home to a fivetails" supposed to say to a fivetails or from a fivetails?

*fails at HTML*
xD yeah. from. whoops. 8D;
xD glad you liked it
yey bedtime story~ \^_^/ it's not particularly my fandom so i kept on interrupting with questions (XD;;) buh it had a happy ending~ *chibi clapclap*
xD Even Yoon interrupted. And it is one of her fandoms. 8D;

xD It's ambiguous for a reason~ xD
I'm not familiar with this mythology >.>, but that was so sweet nonetheless. Oh, there Heechul goes again, being nice and making us all love him.

xD I was just told about it today. 8D It's kinda cute. And yeah. xD Isn't it weird how he does that? *shot*
hae is too cute!!!
and yunho's proposal was awesome...
love the concept!!