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Stargazing [writing]

Title: Stargazing
Focus: HanKyung, DongHae
Word Count: 567
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: implications of smutty things, pranks
Notes: Notes: This was written for my SuJu Pairings Challenge. Prompt provided by hamano_michiyo. Only 64 pairings left to go!

DongHae had the attention span of a gnat. It was very difficult to keep him focused or entertained. His newest best buddy HyukJae liked to take advantage of this by enlisting the normally very sweet boy in his pranks. After HeeChul had complained to EeTeuk about the cheesestrings that had been very artfully "misplaced" in his soup -- he was on another terrific diet assigned by the label -- it was decided that the two should be punished.

ShinDong, who had woken up one day to a bright rainbow clown wig glued to his head decided he would be the one to take care of HyukJae. HanKyung, in the meantime, was assigned to DongHae.

"HanKyung's too nice to punish them properly," HeeChul had complained, leaning over to rest his head on KangIn's shoulder as he pouted prettily at their bandleader.

"I've got it taken care of," HanKyung replied before EeTeuk got the chance to. The equally pretty smile that spread over his features had HeeChul secondguessing himself.


It was the very next day that HyukJae was treated to his punishment. When he woke up screaming at the sight of a very near naked Fabio over his bed and a male mannequin beside him, everyone knew ShinDong had done his work.

But it took a little longer for HanKyung to carry out DongHae's punishment. HeeChul noted they were spending a lot of time together, but DongHae remained as cheerful as ever.

"Maybe he's backed out," HyukJae suggested when he was let in on the plan. So it was his fault, but that didn't mean he couldn't enjoy DongHae's punishment.

"He'll get it done," was all RyeoWook responded with from his spot on the couch. Everyone turned to blink at him. They were all suddenly a little wary of the innocent-looking ones.


Two weeks later, there was a yell from the roof. KangIn heard it first while smoking a cigarette outside on the fire escape. He quickly put the cigarette out and climbed up to see DongHae strapped to a chair, calling for help.

It wasn't very warm out and KangIn rushed over immediately to the younger boy's aid. He couldn't help but be amused, despite his concern as he undid the ropes that bound DongHae. "Jesus, Hae, how'd you get up here?"

KangIn knew every well how DongHae had gotten up there and who had done this to him. He wasn't surprised to hear DongHae babbling about HanKyung had taken him up there to show him the stars, but had left and he was stuck and couldn't get down and no one had heard his yelling.

The older boy tried to get his dongsaeng to calm down, patting him on the shoulder, then his back when DongHae leapt into his arms, whimpering. "It was horrible! He's never done this before. Normally he unties me first and..."

Hm. Something wasn't quite adding up here. KangIn pulled DongHae back to look him in the face. "Wait... Why were you tied up, anyway, DongHae?"

With big eyes, the younger boy professed everything to the appa of Super Junior, who came back downstairs with very wide eyes, meeting the smirk on HanKyung's lips when the Chinese man opened the door.

"I'm never going stargazing with you again!" DongHae huffed as he followed behind KangIn.
Tags: donghae, hankyung
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