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Giving In [writing]

Title: Giving In
Focus: KiBum, HanKyung
Word Count: 256
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: Notes: This was written for my SuJu Pairings Challenge. Prompt provided by xhotarubi. Only 63 pairings left to go!

o1. duplicate

It's difficult now to recreate that feeling. There won't ever be another first, and there can't be another HanKyung.

o2. weaknesses

Swallow your pride and walk out the door. This isn't really weakness, even if you are the one giving in.

o3. deterrent

No roadblocks now, nothing to stand in your way. There's only one person who can stop you.

o4. interface

You reach out to pull him back as he turns to walk away. There are too many things you need to say, he needs to hear, but maybe he needs to see first how you feel.

o5. graduate

You're not so naive as you were before. Nobody's perfect and you aren't living in a fairytale.

o6. point

But that's not what matters. What matters is how he makes you feel, what he does for you that no one else can.

o7. model

You used to be so good at hiding your thoughts, your emotions, behind a flawless smile. You've always been cautious like that.

o8. apostrophe

You don't want to be anymore. For him, with him, as his, you want to show a more honest face.

o9. charge

He has more control than he thinks -- who else could drag you out in the pouring rain right now, just so you can stutter a few words of apology before it becomes too late?

1o. sweet

But before the last syllable is uttered, he's already got you wrapped in his arms, and you think this is perhaps the smell of rainwater on his jacket is the sweetest you've ever come across.
Tags: hankyung, kibum
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