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Giselle - in the throng

hoyah in prsnl_fairytale

A Single Unit [writing]

Title: A Single Unit
Focus: KyuHyun, YehSung, RyeoWook
Word Count: 1101
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Notes: Because it seems everyone hates KyuHyun today...

They'd known from the start that SME would be coordinating them into a group; the only problem was finding a third member. Though their voices were exceptional individually, there was something to be desired in their performances together. As a result, the coordinators began contemplating other Super Junior members to pull in.

SungMin had been the first choice. He had a good voice, distinct with its own smooth flavor. Perfect for an R&B trio, they'd thought. But after a review of their performance on the Super Junior show, the coordinators changed their mind. His voice didn't fit as they had hoped.

HyukJae was next. R&B with soft rapping from everyone's favorite dancer seemed like an interesting concept. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out, either. There was something about the two of them that wasn't quite complete, but very particular.

The idea was abandoned as Super Junior began promotion in other forms of media. Then Cho KyuHyun entered the picture as the thirteenth member, just at the kick off for "Full House."

"I'm no longer the Magnae?" RyeoWook had asked JongOon as they lay curled up on the couch after a meeting with the managers.

"If you look at it like that, you never really were, because KiBum's younger than you," the older boy teased, but he knew what RyeoWook meant. The other was already so insecure in his position in the group, having arrived so late, that he was afraid of losing it to someone else. "Remember... He's almost in the exact same position as you. You don't want him to feel like you did, do you?"

"I guess not..." In the end, RyeoWook's compassion always won over his insecurities. JongOon knew exactly which buttons to hit to get the response he wanted.

But he wasn't sure what to do when the coordinators began to toss around the idea of adding the new recruit to their unit. He had gotten used to having RyeoWook all to himself, even if it didn't work the other way around all the time. But now that he was done tossing himself at HyukJae, he was grateful to always have RyeoWook at hand when he needed a hug.

If he was mature enough, he would have probably admitted to being jealous of KyuHyun. But of course he could only eye them carefully during the suck-and-blow card game for the shooting of the mini-drama series and try to replace KyuHyun as the team's "wild card." Unfortunately, that plan hadn't quite worked out. His only consolation was that the main pairing in the drama had been KyuMin and not KyuWook.

Despite his objections to KyuHyun, however, JongOon had to admit the kid had a good voice. It was strong, rich, smooth. Perfect for the kinds of songs they would be doing. But did they have the chemistry?

The coordinators decided against arranging special stages this time around, instead calling them in altogether for private evaluations.

"Don't be nervous. You're going to do fine."

"We have to do fine as a group, though... We've never...sung with him before."

JongOon had to admit RyeoWook had a point, but he wasn't too worried about that, because he knew what would happen if their voices did happen to meld together well enough. He wasn't looking forward to the outcome.

Unfortunately for JongOon, Cho KyuHyun revealed a power even the coordinators hadn't considered before in their evaluations of SungMin and HyukJae. He understood the concept of harmony.

KRY. That was their name. JongOon hated it, mostly because he was at the end. But he could see how excited RyeoWook was, because now he would get a chance to do what he had been striving for ever since he entered the Starlight Academy. He would finally be able to sing seriously.

"All I've got is my voice," RyeoWook would tell him on those nights it got to be too much to stand in front of the camera and smile when there were obviously more interesting people running about, vying for its attentions.

"That's not true," JongOon would always try to reassure him. But RyeoWook never said anything in reply.

A month of practice for their debut performance didn't feel like enough at all to RyeoWook, who was trembling backstage as they watched the performers before them on the television. JongOon had given up on trying to calm him and resigned himself to keeping watch over the younger boy, just to make sure he didn't try to bolt before their five minute call. He tensed when KyuHyun broke away from chatting up a group near them, heading straight for RyeoWook.

They were whispering. RyeoWook was laughing, all signs of nervousness from before gone. The furrows in JongOon's forehead deepened as he watched them. He didn't understand exactly why he was so upset, he only knew that he didn't like how easily KyuHyun had calmed RyeoWook when he had failed so miserably before.

Lost in his thoughts, he didn't understand until it was too late what the two were whispering and laughing about. Then he was on the ground, KyuHyun pinning him while RyeoWook tickled him mercilessly. This was a declaration of war if ever JongOon had ever experienced one. He fought back viciously, kicking and biting at whatever he could get ahold of.

"KRY! Five minutes!"

Panting, the three collapsed in a heap, looking up at the doorway where a Music Bank employee looking very professional in her headset was eyeing them as if they were the most vile creatures she had ever laid eyes on.

RyeoWook blushed, clearly embarrassed. Muttering an excuse about having to start preparing, he rose to his feet, dusting himself off. But he didn't look as nervous as he had been earlier.

JongOon's eyes fell to KyuHyun, who was still sprawled out on the ground, smiling at him. At... him.

"You were worried about him, weren't you?" the younger boy asked. "Now you don't have to."

That would have sounded haughty coming from anyone else, but JongOon could see that KyuHyun had been thinking about the both of them. Now that they were relaxed, they would perform better.

"Hm... Come on, let's go before we're late."

"Well," JongOon mused as they walked down the hallway towards the stage, "at least he's got the sense to stay behind me." Then again, perhaps it would have been easier to sneak glances at him if he were walking in front of him.

Despite the trouble of his high note, JongOon believed the three had never sounded better during rehearsal as they did now on stage. They sounded even better later on in the van, RyeoWook curled against JongOon's lap as he leaned his head against KyuHyun's shoulder while they rehearsed for their next performance. He was definitely getting used to this KRY business.


Yay! Cuteness and fluff! Kyu needs love and cuddles, too~ :>
xD Now I kinda wanna write this from his perspective. As...yanno...it was originally intended. But someone had to go and hijack the story. 8D
You should! Only continue it~ Into the part where he gets some more substantial lovin'! 8D
8D That'd be interesting... Maybe it could be him and Kyu deviously plotting to strip Ryeo of his wide-eyed, innocent view of the world.
Yeah, Ryeo's bambi-eyes wouldn't last too long with those two stripping him of anything. 8]
xD *dies*
Awww KRY - so cute.
xD I love your KRY icon...
Thanks :)
totally made my day. :DDDD
^_^ I'm glad~
first of all, whut people don't like kyuhyun!?!?! how is that even possible.

second, eeeeeeee this is really cute. yeh is some kind of evil except not really. but his personality in this fic really suits him, i think.

xD Nah, I don't think anyone really hates KyuHyun... 8D It's just that the fics about him today were kind of emo...

xD I'm glad you thought this Yeh's personality was suiting. I wasn't too sure when I was writing; it was just coming out.
adorable~ that's the only word i can think of for it <3
n.n I'm glad you liked it~

you win the world.

the internetz.

and everything possible.

you just handed me a bowl of sunshine. :DD<33
xD Wow, what a reaction! :D I'm glad you enjoyed it! ^-^
Awww! So sweet and warm and fluffy~ ^o^

I love KRY stories and this one was just perfect =D Good job!
^_^ I'm glad you enjoyed it~
The loveliness of Kyu stories must live on!!
Made me feel all warm on the inside. Keeeeee.
Gorgeous writing.
Kyu is sooooo lovely. -squishes Kyu-
xD I'm glad you enjoyed it~
XD cute! but at first i was confused... why do you call yesung jongoon? *newb desu* i'm really bad with the korean nicknames D:

heehee not even yesung can resist loving kyuhyun! <3
jongoon is his real name. :] yehsung is his stage name.
aw, that was cute.
Awwww, so cute! I love KRY fluff, Kyuhyun doesn't always get much love. Nor does he get Ryeo very often.