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Giselle - in the throng

hoyah in prsnl_fairytale

Words on a Page [writing]

Title: Words on a Page
Focus: YunHo, ShinDong
Word Count: 496
Rating: PG
Notes: This is pretty much all hyperballad's fault. xD But YuDong just wins.

Too much alcohol, not enough self control, and that was how you wound up in his bed, only the sheets clinging to your thighs and him not in much better condition beside you. Quietly, you tried to sneak away, and he didn't seem to notice, only making a soft sound of protest at the sudden loss of body heat as he shifted a little closer to the spot you had only moments ago occupied. It amazed you a little that you hadn't been shoved out of the bed already, since he was usually such a space hog.

As you bent over to pick up a pair of your own discarded boxers -- you recognized them as yours because they were bright purple with yellow spots; loud, just like you -- you caught sight of yourself in the full length mirror leaning back against his wall, yet to be put up since the last move. Shuddering a little, you hurried to change and rushed out of the room, the unit, the complex before he even had a chance to open his eyes.

Later that day, he was on a flight back to Japan, and it was a month before you saw him again.


"What are you reading, DongHee~?"

The weight on his back caused ShinDong's shoulders to slouch forward and he gave an exaggerated groan. "Yah! You're heavy!"

YunHo only pressed more of his weight down on the other, eyes scanning the document opened on the other's desktop. "Hey... Is this fanfiction? Who's it about? Where's the rest?"

"There is no rest yet, if you don't get off of me~" Pushing his shoulders back, he managed to get YunHo to at least alleviate some of his weight. But the other was still hanging over his shoulder, reading over the words on the screen.

"Why... Are you writing this, hyung?"

ShinDong grinned, amused by the other's utter amazement. "Didn't know I could write, did you?"

"That's not it... I just didn't think you would be writing fanfiction. Who's it about?" Having finished reading, YunHo's eyes now turned to ShinDong's face. He had a feeling he knew who one of the characters was, but he wasn't sure about the other.

"It's about us."


"Well, not us us. But... you know. Us. I'm writing about what a superficial jerk you are," ShinDong replied brightly, reaching to pinch YunHo's cheek. Mostly because he knew that annoyed the other boy.

"That's slander!" YunHo protested, and reached to try and delete the contents of the document opened.

"Hey! I spent half an hour on that!"

A thud resounded as ShinDong pushed him a little more harshly than he intended. Then they were both on the ground, scuffling playfully. YunHo was laughing more than complaining by this point, though every now and then he still whined about how it wasn't fair or true.

"Hey!" ShinDong exclaimed, finally managing to pin the younger boy to the ground. "It's just words on a page, right? I know what we really are."

And that earned him a slow smile from the other boy.


Ha ha! Words are just words....

Loved it!!!!!!
n.n i'm glad you liked it
Hoyah ILU <3 Crack pairing of win.
xD ilu, too!
aw, so cute! XD
This was my first YuDong, I liked it a lot! <3333
xD i think it's perhaps -the- first yudong
omg, yudong rocks. seriously. and you rock also. seriously.

love it.
:D you rock, too!
words can become in actions too 8D

I like it! :D
i'm glad you did. xD
xD i like to entertain the idea in my head that the boys might like it enough to write it. and i know shindong would get such a good laugh out of something like that.
xD who knows! 8D they might if they're bored enough and want to tease some fangirls secretly
Very cute pairing!